George Kash Real Estate Photography

We’re a family-owned and family-operated Toronto Real Estate Photography agency with a decade of diverse photography, events and marketing experience driving our unique approach. No matter your project, it’s personal.


Working with George Kash and his team is a flexible, straightforward process- totally customizable because we get that your expectations aren’t standard. George’s artistic passion, love of technology and hands-on attention to detail results in listings you can showcase proudly. Now more than ever- your digital presence as a real estate agent or seller is paramount. Your buyers want to see every beautiful detail safely online before they book with you. George Kash Photography is pleased to serve GTA real estate agents, brokerages, and builders with a duality of out of the box thinking, and simple, competitive service packages. We’ve got next-level expertise, and we care about your listing.

George Kash Toronto Real Estate Photography

We bring you effective website solutions. Experience high-class services which you truly deserve and elevate your business with us.

Whether shooting high-grade professional product images or lively behind-the-scenes imagery for social events, George has a memorable, unique competence with colour and light, in print and video. His exceptional range contributes to a multifaceted approach for your design photography and real estate photography.

"The best real estate photography and videography services are simple to book, comprehensive, and set you apart from the competition"

George KashOwner, GTA Real Estate Phography


George is a licenced, skilled drone operator, which elevates the scope of his service offerings and adds a beautiful dimension to your exterior photography shots. Accustomed to fast-paced and fluid environments, George is perfectly comfortable accommodating your busy schedule and working with you for excellence on a deadline.


MLS photography and videography may seem somewhat impersonal at a glance. However, there’s an enjoyable social aspect to working with agents, capturing diverse personalities and property. Having catered to a multitude of ethnicities in Toronto, Markham, Vaughan, Mississauga, and the rest of the GTA, George’s team is culturally sensitive. They offer female photographers when requested and respect customs. George Kash photography revolves around delivering what clients really want and creating lasting satisfaction. Engaging and relating to people is foundational to business. You want the same for your business- customer loyalty and strong professional relationships. Our property marketing and house photography/videography can help you create an immersive experience from listed to sold.


Many of us love DIY to save money and keep hands-on control over our projects. What if you could keep your detailed input and guidance central to the project, but ensure quality far surpasses what you’re capable of?
There’s no do-it-yourself comparison to the better composition, lighting, shooting diverse spaces, and advanced technology that George’s teamwork with.
Even a tiny error in lines or unwanted details can diminish the effect dramatically. Competing in today’s market means gorgeous angles, light, professional editing, and impact matter. They matter substantially.
All your images will be painstakingly edited and corrected for colour, distortion, and ambiance during post-production, so you can make any listing a showstopper.

Outdoor photography:We bring incredibly personal service, comprehensive, easy pricing packages, and plenty of creative control for you. Our photographers will even guide you to make the most of any space before shooting, so you’ll get maximum benefit from our services.
Complimentary guidance for interior photography provided by George Kash Photography includes:
Recommendations for lightbulbs in your home that will favourably highlight, or tone down unwanted colours and decor
Reminders to dust and declutter mantles and ledges
Suggestions to minimize floor coverings such as throw rugs and doormats
Kitchen counter continuity- including removal of mismatched or cluttered small appliances and fridge magnets
Remove garbage and recycling bins
Ensure there are no signs of pets- their bowls or beds

Remove cars from driveways and lower garage doors
Remove garbage bins
Tidy leaves and dead branches or garden debris
Open all the window blinds and curtains for a bright, welcoming exterior view

Listings published with commercial quality real estate photography and dynamic video get noticed and sell. Your listings tell a story through compelling visuals. Real estate agent headshots, brochure and flyer photos, videos and virtual tours build your brand and reach farther in Google search results.
Let’s get your listings the exposure they deserve.
Contact George Kash real estate photography in Thornhill, Mississauga, Richmond Hill and throughout the Toronto area for standout visual advertising, personalized.