Business Portraits / Headshots

We are your photographers for business portraits and headshots in Toronto.

George Kash Photography caters to a kaleidoscope of private and corporate clients who share a goal- they all want to show their absolute best side to their audience.

 Headshot Photography- Corporate, Business, LinkedIn

We provide all types of headshots- including actor headshots, fashion portfolio, real estate, employee photoshoots. We also take personal headshots for resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and more.

Today, people realize how powerful and versatile proper headshots can be. Professional job applicants, authors, and artists, even those creating a standout dating profile know a headshot photographer can set you apart.

George Kash has a diverse skill set to cater to various photoshoot demands and ensure no matter what look you’re going for, we can help you capture it and love the results.

We’ll also use locations that feel relevant to you, your business, and your brand personality.


You Can Get Comfortable With Us

Many of our clients feel shy and a little awkward about taking professional photos the first time. If that’s you, fear not- our friendly team specializes in putting people at ease and helping them draw out a flattering side they’re pleased to see in print. We’ll talk you through it and adapt the shoot to suit your goals.

You can gain peace of mind as you view images mid-way through the shoot to get the most out of the session.

Our commitment to every photography client:

  • Fast editing and an eye for detail so you love how you look
  • Friendliness and a stress-free approach
  • Flexibility to work with various schedules
  • Fair and competitive photography pricing with no hidden costs


Business/Corporate Headshots

Professional Photography for business headshots makes all the difference. Your image or your employee’s corporate headshots are the face of your company.

Our photographer team can showcase your employees’ personalities and create a consistent, on-brand look for your organization.

We use modern, professional lighting with numerous backgrounds for you to select from. Ensure everyone looks sharp with our retouching/editing included for all photo sessions.

George Kash Photography will provide:

  • Professional tips for posing/lighting
  • Multiple images to choose your favorites from
  • High-end editing removes blemishes or unwanted details such as hair flyaways, glare on glasses, and even whitens teeth!
  • We make images pop! (Retouching is customized for each individual and upon request)


The Business Portrait/Photography Process

Business headshots are known for their buttoned-up, formal, and serious tone. They can convey a strong presence, power, professionalism, and demand respect. However, professionals increasingly want to show the world a little of their personality along with a “corporate” side. There are nearly endless ways to achieve this balance with subtlety and class.

Your consultation is an integral part of customizing your ideal photoshoot and creating business headshots you’re proud to show off. Together, we’ll select your pricing package and number of photos, then assess and discuss them as we go through.


Business Headshot Preparation:

  • Relax, and have fun. Even the most formal attire and settings can allow a spark of your character, warmth, and engaging personality to shine.
  • Consider a few different poses you’d like to try out-you don’t have to pick just one!
  • Get a good sleep and hydrate the day before your photoshoot


Schedule A No-Obligation Consultation

Please reach out through our website or call and let us know how we can help you build the right image.